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Duo Travagliando

Last Sound

duo travagliando last sound

Year: 2009

  • The Circke
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Jean-Pierre Gautier: invented instruments, electronics
Mirko Sabatini: circuit bending, electronics

L'eccellente batterista Mirko Sabatini (Vakkiplakula, Les Anarchists, Roy Paci Corleone, Ella Guru…) in collaborazione con l'artista sonoro e visivo, Jean Pierre Gauthier.
Il duo produce installazioni sonore di grande impatto visivo e acustico, sculture cinetiche, circuiti, elettrici manipolati, strumenti autocostruiti, batterie autosuonanti, impianti multi speaker, un universo sonoro aperto e fortemente interattivo una proposta multidisciplinare che ha trovato spazio nei piu' importanti musei e luoghi performativi nord americani.


The Duo Travagliando (J-P Gauthier - M. Sabatini) have made several sound and kinetic installations and live concerts together since 1998. Their on going collaboration is still a fertile ground that nourish both of them in theirs own individual artist works
They first work together as live performer in Québec city for the Mois Multi (1999) while a residency at the studio Avatar in Quebec city, QC, Canada. The result of that collaboration in music generated in parallel the sound installation Improvvisto – a crazy interactive mechanized drum set that was self-improvising live in a museum exhibition (Head over heals- MACM 1999). They have recorded live at Galerie Montreal Télégraphe a concert (Cd and CD-Rom released on Ohm avatar). Along with Vincenzo Vasi (sound engineer and bass player, Rimini, Italy) they have made two large scale sound installations with multiple speakers and amplified sound sculptures. While the audience was walking inside and around the sound-sculptures they manipulated live the machines and remixed the sounds through a series of loud speakers positioned in specific area of a large church in Molinella, Italy. The same project with new sound sculptures was also done in Montréal in a large industrial space at Usine American Can (2001).

Their last collaboration work was a new version of the mechanized drum set – that new version was called Tuttotondo – also interactive this drum set was an electro-acoustic version. Combining mini audio toy-sampler – microphones- small speakers , motors , electronics and programmable devises, they whole drum set was making music combining distorted sound loops of his own acoustic sound. The project was presented at Jack Shainman gallery in New York (2003) and at MOCCA in Toronto (2005), during both presentation of that work they performed live with other instruments (Circuits bending -Mirko Sabatini and invented instruments - Jean-Pierre Gauthier). The duo performed live at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal (2007), the concert was also recorded and broadcast live at CBC Radio for Brave New Wave. Previous duo concert were also broadcast live at Radio-Canada at Navire Night few years ago.

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